A society can be a group of people who form a semi-closed system and share the same culture: customs, values, laws, etc. In that case most interactions are with other individuals belonging to the group. A society can also be an interdependent community of these co-existing groups. The casual meaning of society simply refers to a large group of people living together in an ordered community. A society is a network of relationships between people. Societies are the main subject of study of the social sciences.

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Human rights refer to the concept of human beings as having certain pre-determined universal rights, or status, regardless of legal jurisdiction, and likewise other localizing factors, such as ethnicity and nationality. For many, the concept of "human rights" is based in religious principles, or else is otherwise directly related to them. ...

Within particular societies, "human rights" refer to standards of behavior as accepted (frequently disregarding moral values) within their respective legal systems regarding 1) the well being of individuals, 2) the liberty and autonomy of individuals, and 3) the representation of the human interest in government.

These rights commonly include the right to life, the right to an adequate standard of living, the prohibition of genocide, freedom from torture and other mistreatment, freedom of expression, freedom of movement, the right to self-determination, the right to education, and the right to participation in cultural and political life. See: international human rights instruments. More on ... human rights.



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