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Isaac Asimov (c. January 2, 1920April 6, 1992, IPA: /ˈaɪzək ˈæzɪmˌɔf/) was a Russian-born American author and biochemist, a highly successful and exceptionally prolific writer best known for his works of science fiction and for his popular science books. Asimov's most famous work is the Foundation Series, which he later combined with two of his other series, the Galactic Empire Series and Robot series. He also wrote mysteries and fantasy, as well as a great amount of non-fiction. In fact, he wrote or edited over 500 volumes and an estimated 90,000 letters or postcard and has works in every major category of the Dewey Decimal System.

Asimov was a long-time member of Mensa, albeit reluctantly (he described them as "intellectually combative"). The asteroid 5020 Asimov is named in his honor.

"You will have full consciousness on your deathbed." So at least I have that going for me.



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